Jaswinder Singh Bhatti 
Real Estate Broker
Ph: (416) 571-0000

Jaswinder Singh Bhatti is an entrepreneur, a licensed realtor, and a seasoned private investor. He is a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board, a Commercial Division member, and a Certified Commercial Investment Member candidate. 

Personal Highlights:
Key Talent: Known for finding the right opportunity which enhances its value in a short span of time. 
Key strengths: Leadership with integrity & honesty. 
Priority Interest: keeping client’s interest his foremost priority.

Career History

Jaswinder has over 18 years of extensive experience in the real estate business. Over the years he himself has entrepreneur various real estate trust/syndication formations. His areas of expertise include sales and leasing, financing, and property management.

As a successful realtor and owner of investment properties, one of Jaswinder’s main talents is finding and delivering winning investment opportunities. He has a proven track record of implementing effective management strategies to increase the value of the properties in his company’s care. Jaswinder began accumulating his wealth of experience and expertise in all facets of the Real Estate Industry as early as 1991. In the initial years of his carrier (from 1991 to 1994) Jaswinder worked as a Mortgage Broker and advised his clients on their financial matters.

His team objective is to generate long-term and sustainable returns for their clients/investors through activities which include investing in to high growth potential properties, Land developments and total management of the properties.

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Sumanjit Singh Panfer
Real Estate Broker of Record
Ph: (905) 915-9100

Sumanjit began his career as a realtor in 1996. He has been part of the Toronto & Oakville Real Estate Boards. In addition to Land Sales, he is involved in Residential, Industrial and Commercial Leasing & Selling. He has innovative skills in project management, communication & liaison with professionals, team members & investors. He also takes key positions in project detailing, data analysis & presentations.
Personal Highlights:

Key Talent: Known for gathering details on right properties that have excellent growth potential. 
Key strengths: Integrity, transparency & professional ethics. 
Priority Interest: Focus on project management & communications .

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